Learn survival tips for how to survive and best prepare for the Brimfield Antique Shows in Brimfield, Massachusetts.

· How to Locate Dealers
· What is the best way to get to Brimfield
· How to find Show phone numbers

· Which show should I attend in Brimfield
· How can I find a motel or hotel
· Finding a campground or mobile park
· Finding a place to Park
· What if it rains
· What to wear
· Will my cell phone work
· Are Pets allowed
· How to buy in Brimfield

Locating dealers can be done two ways. Dealers registered on the BrimfieldExchange website may be located via a search for merchandise by category, dealer name or by show. SEARCH DEALERS NOW If a dealer is not listed on the exchange you might try contacting a particular show promoter where you think the dealer is located. Phone numbers are listed at the header of most of the Brimfield Show links listed on the right hand side of the Home page.

Brimfield is located on route 20, in Brimfield. Major routes leading to Brimfield are I-84, I-90 (Mass Pike), and I-91 which feeds into I-90. Googling any particular street address in Brimfield using Google Maps should be used as an approximate locator for the antique shows. See Maps & Directions. Printer Friendly Map & Directions

Show Promoter Phone Numbers may be obtained by viewing this page.

Which show should I attend? This is a matter of personal preference as different shows open each day Tuesday through Saturday. Many veterans have their favorite shows. See Show Schedule

Finding a Motel. There are a large number of motel and hotel rooms available in Sturbridge. However these rooms tend to book a year in advance. Rooms tend to be less expensive if you are willing to drive a short distance to Exits 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 off the Massachusetts Turnpike. For a complete list see Hotels and Motels

Finding a Campground. Campgrounds are available. For a complete list see campgrounds and camping resorts under Area Info.

Parking along Route 20 is not permitted. Parking is available in private parking lots along the show route. Pricing will vary depending on vehicle size and proximity to the center of activity. May's Parking is a long time favorite for many veteran antique enthusiasts because of the organized, friendly and clean operation which is open from dawn to dusk, Tuesday through Saturday. The entrance to May's parking can be found on the map link below, between the ATM and i on the purple spot. All parking facilities are required by state law to provide Handicapped parking. For parking locations see Brimfield Map under Maps and Directions.

Rain is a fact of life and weather can be varied. Brimfield Veterans have experienced every conceivable type of weather including rain, snow, sleet, a hurricane and yes sunshine! The shows run rain or shine.

What to Wear ? Good walking shoes and multi layered clothing works best. Plan for a varied set of weather conditions. If coming for the week you should include on your list: and umbrella or raincoat, warm clothing, a hat, sunglasses, sun-block, extra dry socks, a fanny pack and your cell phone.

Cell Phones in Brimfield Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint are all fairly reliable for cell phone connections in Brimfield with Verizon and At & T being the most reliable. However this can vary greatly with your location on the fields and the quality of your phone. The strength of connection for web surfing and data transfer using a smart phone during Brimfield Week are tenuous due to the large concentrated numbers of people using the wireless network.

PETS Bringing your pets to Brimfield is strongly discouraged. It is against the law to leave any pet unattended in an automobile for any reason, and a $500.00 fine may be imposed. Most shows do not allow pets. Most dealers do not appreciate Fido lifting a leg. Leave Fido home!

Buying in Brimfield has historically been a fast moving cash market. Many dealers take checks with references and a few take credit cards. If you see something you like and want, don't be afraid to make an offer. Dealers come to sell and buyers come to buy, so make your offer. Getting a receipt is recommended. ATM machines are available along Route 20. See map for ATM locations.